Artist Spotlight – Fong Qi Wei

by c3126548

fong-qi-wei-exploded-flowers-chrysanthemum-2011fong-qi-wei-exploded-flowers-sunflower-2011 fong-qi-wei-exploded-flowers-gerbera-2011


Artist Spotlight…Fong Qi Wei

Fong Qi Wei is a photographer who challenges our ideas about botanical photography. Fong Qi Wei takes a flower and pulls it apart before photographing the flower under even lighting conditions. Fong Qi Wei has been taking photos for more than ten years, he has an interesting view of photography…

“Art is “making special“. Essentially, I try to “make special” via the medium of photography. I strive to make images which touches both the feeling part and the thinking part of your mind. My art seeks to get your attention (the feeling part) and hopefully engage you on a deeper level as you look at it for longer (the thinking part).

I have been using photography as a medium for more than 10 years, and am now actively involved in the print making process to achieve my final vision for my art. Regarding photography, I feel that the print is still the end point of the artistic process. Although screen resolutions and color rendering are improving by the day, the lack of standard calibration is an impedance between the audience and the artist. A print removes all the variables in color and resolution.” (From Fong Qi Wei’s Website)

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What do you think of Fong Qi Wei’s take on botanical photography?